BARTALK #19: Language as an Organism (The Podcast)

BARTALK 19.png

May 25 and after, 2020
On Anchor FM and several other podcast platforms

BARTALK is a multidisciplinary lecture-performance-storytelling series taking place in different bars in The Hague. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we have decided to host BARTALK in the form of a podcast.

In this BARTALK we ask: How does language shift and travel? What practices do individuals adopt to attempt to preserve or remember their dying languages? How can we become better at understanding the ones we love? How misunderstanding births new forms of language?


Episode #1 (May 25)
PSYNT (Marie-Diane Grouchka & Mariya Shcherbinina)
#lovelanguages #relationships #communication #intimacy
Introductory video here

Episode #2 (June 1)
Natalia Papaeva
#dyinglanguage #buryat #siberia
Introductory video here

Episode #3 (June 8)
Marieke de Koning
#linguist #languagelearning

Episode #4 (June 15)
Minsook Kang
#ciacia #dialect #hangul #alphabet #preservation
Introductory video here
Minsook’s full script Bartalk#19_Minsook

How does the podcast format work?
The podcast will have a little bit different structure than what typically happens during BARTALK. Hosts Yun and Rae will introduce the theme and guests. Then each speaker will give a five-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

Ask our guests 
Prior to the podcast recording (Thursday, May 14), you can watch introductory videos here and submit questions to the guests here. These questions will be included in the Q&A session on the podcast.