We are looking for proposals for 15 minute presentations for:

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BARTALK #15: Face (April. Exact date TBD)

Maybe you’re a makeup artist, avatar designer, or create masks for special effects? Or perhaps you know some history about facial recognition or plastic surgery trends? Or maybe you know all about how to put on a good poker face.

What we are looking for:
-Engaging presentations
-Information that is easily accessible to audiences outside of your field. Even if we don’t get it, we should be able to feel it.
-People who are passionate about what they’re talking about and are excited to share with others

Your proposal does not have to fit an academic or artistic mold of any kind. We want to see lectures/stories/performances that are creative, engaging, fun, and accessible.

Proposal Format
If you have an idea that you think could work, please send us a short video (2-3 minutes) briefly introducing yourself and your idea. Feel free to include any relevant documentation (links, videos, photos) in your email.

If you’re not sure your idea fits our style, message us anyway! Or if you know someone who would be good for these themes, please let us know.

Check our archive or instagram to get an idea of the kinds of presentations we’ve had in the past.

This is a paid opportunity! Send all proposals to by Feb 23, 2019.

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