BARTALK aims to combine the speed of accessing a wealth of information on the internet, the joy of sharing knowledge, and cheap beer. Each month, the series will take place in a different bar, and will function as a localized and socialized Wikipedia. 

BARTALK curates research based lectures by theorists, makers, thinkers, autodidacts, tinkerers, performers, polemicists, and everyone in between and beyond. We define research broadly to include the practical, theoretical, empirical, non-empirical, archaeological, and experimental.

BARTALK is influenced by projects such as The Public School, aaaaarg, and Betalevel’s Errata Salon, projects founded by people who work at the intersections of various disciplines including art, math, science, and the humanities. Like these initiatives, BARTALK is invested in alternatives to hierarchical models of knowledge, and in making them accessible.

Since 2015, BARTALK has hosted events featuring presentations by speakers with backgrounds in physics, philosophy, math, visual art, performance, music, poetry, radio, architecture, and design.