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October 19, 2017
De Gekke Geit, Lutherse Burgwal 5, The Hague

Season 2 starts on Oct 19 with BARTALK #8: MOUTH/VOICE/LANGUAGE, bringing you topics from the worlds of science, technology, art, kink, philosophy and theory. Join us for presentations on dirty talk, technologically augmented sonic intimacy, Twitter bot nonsense, and a performance that encompasses choreographed movements of the lips, teeth and tongue.

Come get a taste of this delectable knowledge…


Tristam Vivian Adams – Cold Whispers: Techno-babble and Sonic Intimacies
Pearl – Dirty Talk: How to make someone orgasm on command
Natalie Fyfe – Nil by Mouth

Joseph Garvin – How to Fill Twitter with Nonsense

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Read a rough transcript of Tristam’s talk here

“Cold Whispers: Techno-babble and Sonic Intimacies” explores how voice and listening are increasingly augmented by technology – sonic intimacy is now technologically afforded. The baby monitor, at once transmitting and amplifying the infant’s cry to the mother, is the ubiquitous exemplar of how post-human our cries and hearkening have become. Even the maternal vocal tie, the pre-language call for care, comfort or nourishment, is mediated and augmented by communication technologies. More recently A.S.M.R. videos explore the aural microphonics of whispering. Alexa and Siri are part of domestic conversation now. We talk with and through machines – but what is this doing to us?

Tristam Vivian Adams is a theorist, writer and Ph.D candidate at Goldsmiths College, University of London (Visual Cultures Department). His working thesis is titled: The Horrors of Voice. He is the author of The Psychopath Factory: How Capitalism Organises Empathy (Repeater Books, 2016). His research explores, through scientific, psychoanalytical, theoretical and philosophical frameworks, the relationships between voice and horror in cinema, television and literature. Other interests include psychopathy, sociopathy, empathy, social technologies and the cultural symptoms of, let’s be optimistic, late capitalism.

“Dirty Talk: How to make someone orgasm on command” is a fun and informative talk which unveils how one professional sex witch uses dirty talk as smoke and mirrors to transport people into a kinky Kopfkino. Part demystified storytelling, part teaching and insight into the minds of the sexy people you watch at kinky play.


Pearl is a sex educator, artist and sex worker who uses humour and honest information to spread the universally deserved joys of shameless pleasure. She has been teaching pleasure based sex education for the past seven years from a sex and body positive experience. Pearl identifies as a queer femme and believes there is real magic beneath all the illusion.

“Nil by Mouth” is a performative ‘talk’ which encompasses composed sounds and choreographed movements of the teeth, the throat, the lips and the tongue. The mouth performs an unsettling, universal language that confronts the audience and the artist alike. Highlighting identity, the mouth confronts boundaries and taboos held within its balance.

Natalie Fyfe is an emerging artist and performer who positions herself at the border of art and music. With an interest in psychopathology Natalie composes with mundane sounds and isolated body parts to create intersections of control between delusion and reality. Her works are derived from her own personal experiences with mental health and her continued research in neurology and psychology. Natalie recently graduated from Masters ArtScience at The Royal Conservatoire, The Hague and was awarded both the Masters ArtScience department Award and the Royal Academy of Art Masters Award for her graduation work Choreography of the Mouth.


“How to Fill Twitter With Noise” is a live demonstration in how to make a Twitter bot using 1) a Twitter account 2) Tracery 3) Twine and 4) Cheap Bots Done Quick. Make Twitter a stranger place, fill it with procedural nonsense.

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Joseph Garvin is a writer and researcher in the philosophy of science and the intersection of cultural heritage and digital tools. He has been published on topics in game studies, been a game reviewer, and worked in communications and marketing for The European Library. Joseph’s academic research is in the relationship between analytic philosophy of science and developmental psychology. He also works on making a variety of different procedural generation systems, mostly based around Twitter (i.e., Twitter bots).


BARTALK #8 is made possible with the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and De Gekke Geit