BARTALK is a multidisciplinary lecture/performance/storytelling series that takes place in different bars in The Hague. Each BARTALK public event is themed and consists of four 15 minute presentations by guests from different backgrounds.

These presentations can take any form (performances, speculative lectures, demonstrations, live interviews) as long as no powerpoints are involved.

In addition to these main events, we also organize accompanying events such as workshops, screenings and podcasts.

Check out our past events here in our archive


BARTALK believes in sharing interdisciplinary knowledge, and in making artistic ideas, approaches, and practices more accessible to a broader audience.

We do this through public presentations, workshops, and podcasts to engage with audiences on different levels. BARTALK events gather individuals from different backgrounds to build a rich and vibrant community around curiosity.

BARTALK uses artistic strategies in a socio-cultural, informal, and non-academic context to share knowledge and information from different disciplines. We want to share artistic strategies with wider audiences because it allows us to envision alternate realities. At the same time, artistic practice can also be enriched by the stories, methodologies, and research of other fields of knowledge.

For these reasons, BARTALK’s main mission is to bring different worlds together to connect seemingly distant constellations of knowledge, approaches, and life experiences.

Ultimately, BARTALK is a model of knowledge-sharing as community-building.

Photo credits top to bottom:
BARTALK #14: Redefining Relations, Amina Ross
BARTALK #16: Sensory Ecologies, Margherita Soldati
BARTALK #17: Future Historians, Angelina Aleksandrovich
All photos taken by Hans Poel